Dec 07

What Are Bots Good For?

Ready to implement a bot for your organization? Let's cut through the market buzz about AI-powered bots, and define exactly what it can do for you. 

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Nov 28

3 Things I Learned At AI World Forum in Toronto This Week

When you're honored to speak at a conference, it is appropriate to shut up and listen.

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Nov 23

Why Hillary is Wrong About AI Not Being Our Friend, But Right About The Problem

 In a recent article published on The Verge, Hillary Clinton sounded the same trumpet that Elon Musk, Stephen Hawkings and others have sounded when she said, "artificial intelligence is not our friend." 

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Sep 25

What We Learned From the Intelligent Assistants Conference

Last week, at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco, the folks at Opus Research hosted their Fourth Annual Intelligent Assistants Conference. From case studies to expert panels to annual awards, the event sheds light on the ever growing industry.

Here's our take on the highlights, and what you need to know if you weren't able to attend.

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Sep 12

3 Lessons From The ChatBots Conference

Today, I spoke at the first The ChatBots Conference, put on by the folks at Chatbot's Life. As I listened to the presentations throughout the day, there  were a number of useful lessons and interesting use cases. And we saw these awesome robot shoes -- thanks Alison Darcy of Woebotsfor the spunky reminder that we're all standing at a crossroads. 
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