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The Next Big Tech Revolution Will Be In Your Ear

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“People have no idea how close we are to Her,” says Mark Stephen Meadows, founder of the conversational interface firm Botanic Technologies. Fast Co.Design writer Mark Wilson put a spotlight on Botanic in a long read about conversational interfaces.

“At Botanic, Mark Meadows has pioneered a potential solution,” writes Wilson. “He calls them ‘avatars,’ and they’re basically a way to give different chatbots you’re talking to varying personalities. These personalities can be informed by experts. So, for example, psychologists could share their collective knowledge through a single virtual psychologist—or mechanics could contribute to their own collective mechanic.”

In addition to the personality rich avatars, Wilson also discusses the idea of a “license plate” system for Bots proposed by Meadows. Calling it a “cross between being verified on Twitter and star-rated on Amazon,” Wilson says that could make bots safer and help them earn the trust of users.