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St John's College Interviews Botanic's CEO on Journey to Success

St James College logoSt. John's "is one of the most forward-thinking, future-proof college in Amercia," according to a quote on their website. We won't argue that, since our founder and CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows is an alum! 

Recently the college interviewed Mark on his path from college to artificial intelligence.  

"For Meadows, the journey to this leading role in information technology started while he was an undergraduate on the Santa Fe campus in the early 1990s. Before the commercial internet made file-sharing an everyday activity, he and his friend ran a cable between two dorms to connect their computers." 

Meadows took the education and insights with him when he founded Botanic Technologies. "One of the biggest challenges Botanic is tackling is how to design bots that can maintain cultural and social sensitivity in a wide range of contexts."

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