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Aug 28

“Alexa: What’s the future of conversational interface?”

In IBM thinkLeaders, David Ryan Polgar wrote an article about the future of conversational interfaces. It's probably no surprise that "55% of teens use voice search on their smartphones daily", and that there is expected acceptance and growth as capabilities evolve, as found in a study by Northstar Research commissioned by Google.

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Aug 08

These Bay Area FinTech Companies Are Leading the Artificial Intelligence FinTech Revolution

Botanic Technologies, Inc. is proud to be included in Benzinga's recent article highlighting companies in the Bay area that are leading the artificial intelligence revolution in financial technology.

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Jun 26

Botanic Technologies Announces New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Startup Veteran Will Help Drive Market Exposure and Customer Acquisition for Conversational User Interface Software and Services Firm

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May 09

Conversational Interfaces and Scripting Cortana's Charisma

“The main challenge is creating an AI with a nuanced personality,” wrote Leslie Nguyen-Okwu for Ozy’s Daily Dose. 

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Apr 04

Developing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) App? These 7 Aspects Will Help You Succeed

Arkenea, an online publication focused on app development, published a list of seven important aspects of any successful artificial intelligence app. Number one on the list was a “focus on cultural implications,” and Botanic Technologies founder and CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows, was quoted.

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Nov 17

Meet the Agency That Creates AI Personalities (Like in the TV Series 'Westworld')

Today's artificial intelligence personalities, like Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana, still aren't full personalities, as General Partner of Valor Ventures writes in an Inc. article. 

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Nov 16

How Close Are We to Westworld's Artificial Intelligence?

On Canadian Broadcasting Company show Quirks and Quarks, Botanic Technologies founder and CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows, spoke with the hosts about the development of the AI characters on the TV series Westworld.

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Jul 25

When Bots Go Bad: Why We Need Bot Authentication

“The most dangerous criminal may be the man gifted with reason, but with no morals.”
—Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Does a bot have more freedom than you? Does it need reputation?” asks Mark Stephen Meadows, on Opus Research.

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May 14

15 Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence Startups

In an article in Female Entrepreneurs, Lisa Calhoun includes Botanic Technologies in a roundup of 15 game changing new AI Startups. 

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Apr 10

The Next Generation Of AI Will Be Full Of Feels

“The next round of AI aims to provide more than just a time-saver,” writes Junglist on Gizmodo Australia. “For this purpose, Silicon Valley is turning to poets, playwrights, and screenplay writers to give AI more emotional intelligence.”

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