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Disruption Magazine Asks "The Future Of Health – In Blockchain We Trust?"

Disruption logo.pngTina Woods, the founder of Collider Health, writes about the idea of building trust in the still unsure world of blockchain in managing healthcare. Botanic Technologies' CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows, recently spoke with Tina on this topic after a presentation at Healthcare Unblocked. 

The provocative idea that Tina posits is this. "Imagine a place where individuals could safely store and manage all their assets including their driving licenses, passports, insurance policies, bank accounts, tax filings, property deeds, voting records and medical records (with full breakdown of medical, pharmaceutical and fitness regimens, and medical device or wearables usage data). Will there be day when we can have our own life management platform with our data and assets stored in one place that we share with organisations on our own terms? Almost like our own personal ‘life bank’?"

As an advocate for change in healthcare, Tina writes in this article about several companies who are breaking the old rules to transform the industry. Among other information she shares from her interview with Mark, she quotes him saying, “Bots engender a greater sense of trust with people and research shows that 85% of patients would prefer to interact with a conversational interface than a doctor.” 

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