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Developing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) App? These 7 Aspects Will Help You Succeed

artificial-intelligence-imageArkenea, an online publication focused on app development, published a list of seven important aspects of any successful artificial intelligence app. Number one on the list was a “focus on cultural implications,” and Botanic Technologies founder and CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows, was quoted.

“If what you’re building isn’t entirely laser-focused on your user you won’t provide them something of value. You’ll just make piles of bad code no one needs.”

Diving into designing user-centered bots, Meadows spoke to the importance of a great user experience with a conversational interface. “UX is what allows an end-user to know the value of the system and the conversational interface is how to interact with it.” Meadows argues that the UX of AI is personality. To make sure that the personality — and therefore the UX — of every bot is effective, Botanic works to “avoid the uncanny valley not only of appearance but of psychology, social interaction, and response style.”

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