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Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Trust

chatbotsmaglogo.jpegArtificial Intelligence systems now understand and influence people. This requires that as builders of these systems we consider the values of the user — and their trust. 

Chatbots Magazine published an article from Botanic Technologies' founder and CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows, on the science behind building trust through artificial intelligence. To trust or not to trust is a core function of our neolithic brain -- and our survival as human beings. 

Microsoft's Cognitive Services team understands this well. At their May 2017 Build conference, they demonstrated an Interview Coach bot named Andi (as seen below in this VentureBeat article). Andi lives inside Skype and utilizes multiple modes to engage, coach and build trust with the user. She was developed by Botanic Technologies in conjunction with Microsoft Cognitive Services. Watch for more news on Andi coming soon.


Photo: Khari Johnson @kharijohnson

Authentication of bots in all forms is foundational to building trust and ensuring ethical use. Especially as bots begin to conduct transactions on behalf of humans, including financial transactions. Botanic has patents pending on our bridge to Blockchain, as we continue to invent, build and cause technological change that improves businesses and lives.

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