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“Alexa: What’s the future of conversational interface?”

2017-IBM-Emblem.pngIn IBM thinkLeaders, David Ryan Polgar wrote an article about the future of conversational interfaces. It's probably no surprise that "55% of teens use voice search on their smartphones daily", and that there is expected acceptance and growth as capabilities evolve, as found in a study by Northstar Research commissioned by Google.

“We’re concerned about a future in which everyone has to talk with a robotic robot,” says Mark Stephen Meadows, who asserts that the human should always be the highest value in the equation.

David interviewed Botanic Technologies CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows, and industry analyst, Susan Etlinger from Altimeter.  Susan illuminates the issues facing users and setting expectations based on the wide-range of options out there. For companies, she talks about the importance of knowing what you need and selecting the right solutions for the job and for your customers.

Susan asks, “The real fundamental shift is that as chatbots adopt humanness, what kind of humanity are we showing?”

This is where Mark spends a great deal of time thinking, contemplating and working towards better solutions for humanity. As David interviewed Mark for this article, there was a great deal of discussion around the impact to life, jobs, and the world.

Read the article here.

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