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Apr 27

St John's College Interviews Botanic's CEO on Journey to Success

St. John's "is one of the most forward-thinking, future-proof college in Amercia," according to a quote on their website. We won't argue that, since our founder and CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows is an alum! 

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Apr 19

Entrepreneur Magazine Names Mark Stephen Meadows a Top Entrepreneur To Look For in 2018

In a recent article, Entrepreneur Magazine listed some of the most interesting and notable entrepreneurs to keep an eye on in 2018, highlighting CEOs and founders who are making waves. You'll find some of these top millennials, growth hackers, and flat out rockstars that are making strides in 2018.

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Mar 22

Forbes Article Quotes Mark Stephen Meadows on Identity and Blockchain

The article, written by Lauren deLisa Coleman, asks a provocative question. "While the cryptocurrency industry clearly focuses on disrupting the financial status quo, could this new realm actually also somehow play a role in increasing racial tension in America today?" Coleman dives into various aspects of exploring this issue, inviting conversation from experts, such as Mark Stephen Meadows, Botanic Technologies' Founder and CEO. 

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Mar 07

SF Gate Article: Virtual Human Therapists

 6 March 2018
Greg Keraghosian, SFGATE

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Mar 05

Wait, Is Fake News About To Become Even More Frightening?

February 28, 2018

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Dec 14

Botanic Technologies Named One of The 10 Most Promising AI Companies

Analytics Insight Magazine has name Botanic Technologies one of the 10 Most Promising AI Companies in their innagural issue of the magazine. 

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Nov 17

The Customer Experience of AI: Five Principles to Foster Engagement, Innovation and Trust

Industry analyst, Susan Etlinger of Altimeter, a Prophet company, just published a report on, "The Customer Experience of AI: Five Principles to Foster Engagement, Innovation and Trust."

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Nov 07

Disruption Magazine Asks "The Future Of Health – In Blockchain We Trust?"

Tina Woods, the founder of Collider Health, writes about the idea of building trust in the still unsure world of blockchain in managing healthcare. Botanic Technologies' CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows, recently spoke with Tina on this topic after a presentation at Healthcare Unblocked. 

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Nov 06

Outlier Ventures becomes lead investor in Botanic Technologies and SEED Token, to decentralize bot creation and deployment

Botanic’s patented technology allows SEED Token to underpin open source AI future

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Oct 26

Botanic Technologies' Mark Stephen Meadows Reacts to Google DeepMind’s latest AI announcement

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